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EDUCATION : Yale University, B.A. in architecture, 2008-2012.

DIVERSE PROFESSIONAL EXPOSURE : winning proposals at notable architecture firms in Copenhagen, high-profile public art commissions, and innovative design studios in Minneapolis. 

COLLABORATIVE EXPERIENCE : I've worked with with startup founders, developers, artists, and creative directors.

IN MY FREE TIME : I consume interactive artwork, absorb myself in trip hop and rock music, and attempt to better understand phenomenology.




DESIGN PROCESS : concept development, product and user research, storyboarding, prototypes and mock-ups, client presentations, copy writing, budgeting, design proposals, and deliverables for cross-platform interoperability.

DISCIPLINES : visual and user experience design, architecture, typography, digital imaging, branding and identity.

USER-CENTERED DESIGN : thoughtful consideration for user behavior and needs, hierarchy of information, idiosyncrasies of perception, and visual semantics.





VISUALS : Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, After Effects, Fireworks, Premiere Pro, sketching, mixed media.


FRONT-END : Dreamweaver, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery.

3D DESIGN : Rhino, 3DS Max, Revit, VRay.

LANGUAGES : French, Vietnamese.



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La Isla Bonita  | Album by Deerhoof

La Isla Bonita | Album by Deerhoof


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I'm currently accepting new projects and looking to connect with fellow UX and visual design / interactive art / live music / DIY enthusiasts.