Juxta Marketing Booklet

Juxtaposition Arts // Print Collateral // Layout Design // Photography


Client info :

Juxtaposition Arts is a 16-yr old youth-led social enterprise and non-profit arts center based in the Twin Cities. As a hub for sustained participation in community-focused creative expression, the center employs teen apprentices and professionals on art commissions and improvement and policy initiatives. 

Role :

I designed and compiled a portfolio for showcasing Juxtaposition's diverse body of commissioned artwork to potential clients, independent contractors, and prospective students. Tasks included: photographing artwork, researching binding options, creating the layout in InDesign, producing an archival quality print and a web compatible pdf. 

  • DESIGN ELEMENTS : bold typography and purposeful misalignments convey a youthful and energetic vibe.
  • FLEXIBILITY : simple layout with minor graphic details can easily accommodate future projects.
  • CHOREOGRAPHED IMAGE SEQUENCE : reveals the experience of an interior mural spanning 5 stories of a stair well.
  • MODULARITY : screwpost binding allows for pages to be added and removed with ease for a variety of presentation scenarios.